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Literary Sensation: 10-Year-Old Linda Pistun Unveils 'Linda and the Mysterious Footprints'

On August 17th, 10-year-old author Linda Pistun went live on social media to celebrate the launch of her new book, ‘Linda and the Mysterious Footprints’. The book highlights the impact we all have on our planet, while creating an interactive platform for readers to enjoy.

During the live book reading Linda showed off the incredible story that took her four years to finalize front to back. She spent two years editing and revising the text, another year to complete her artwork, then the next year, she went looking for her publisher to ensure her special book was signed by a legitimate, traditional publishing house. This was when Linda found Tabletop Publishing, a small independent publisher, that would offer her the opportunity to traditionally publish her book.

The publishing process was a collaborative effort between Linda and her publisher. Linda signed off on every page that was edited, revised, and designed right down to the font choices. Linda was allowed an all-access pass to perfect her book just the way she envisioned it. This freedom was given because, “She was right about every single change that needed to be made.” Jessica Senesac, COO of Tabletop Publishing.

The live stream audience was highly engaged and ready to celebrate. Even when Linda’s camera turned off, she handled the technical difficulties like a pro.

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